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Fri. May. 20th, 2016

For the previous year and a half, Neon Legion’s producer and lead singer Philip Kurt Kressin has been busy producing a German hip hop record, and it is about to be done! Tomorrow, will be the re-recording of the last two songs in Berlin and then those are ready to be mastered too. After that? Perhaps work on a new Neon Legion record? Let’s wait and see….


Fri. Aug. 30th, 2013

Special recommendation of the day:
Andrzej Liguz, Photographer.

Check out this New York based master’s work. Andrzej Liguz has specialized in band and musician portraits but does work all across the discipline. We have shot with him in the past and love what he does.



Neon Legion

Neon Legion


Thurs. Aug. 15th, 2013

Neon Legion will play Lit Lounge in NY tonight at midnight. Opening night of Travis Bass’ new party Bon Bon.

93 2nd Ave, between 5th and 6th str. NY

Doors: 10pm



Thurs. July 25th 2013

We will be playing Tammany Hall on the 30th of July at 10:45 in NYC.  Please find details here:


Wed. July 24th, 2013

– New Official Website launch!


Fri, June 21st, 2013

-The debut album is out now! Get it digitally anywhere. Physical formats will  be available at the Neon Legion store soon.

-SciFi Music video for “Twin” featuring Rachel Rossin is out now!  Watch it here:




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Neon Legion - Digital Album Download

Get Neon Legion’s original 10 track self titled debut album plus one bonus track now.

The album comes with a gorgeous 20 page digital booklet featuring Josh Mongeau’s intricate original artwork.

$7.99 from the Neon Legion Store

Apple Lossless uncompressed full quality option available.

$9.99 from the iTunes Store

High Quality MP3



1.Wicked Men





6.Time to Feed

7.Whose Army


9.The Sun

10.La Revolucion

11.Bonus Track: Twin – Acoustic







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About Neon Legion

Philip Kressin’s incredible musical journey has taken him from a WWII bunker in Frankfurt to an isolated farm in Argentina. He’s been a massive Michael Jackson obsessive and a teenage metalhead; a classical guitar student and a film composer.
Now the German-born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who records under the name Neon Legion is releasing the self titled debut, an ambitious album that explores his appreciation for rock, electronic, and classical music and expresses his unique cultural curiosity.

Kressin studied at the Frensham Heights School near London, where rock & roll is an accepted part of the curriculum. He learned about Bach’s harmonies and Handel’s melodies, toured Europe as a member of the choir and orchestra, and rubbed elbows with the children of rock legends like Roger Waters and Brian May, often visiting the house where Led Zeppelin famously recorded “Stairway to Heaven.” “I was also exposed to more electronic music, like Chemical Brothers and Leftfield,” he recalls. Freshly inspired, he spent seven months totally alone on a farm in Argentina recording an electro album that never saw official release, though bits and pieces of songs made their way onto the album 15 years later.

He returned to England to study music at Brunel University, where he wrote a prize-winning piece about the Crusades and three-movement composition based on “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Kressin then hunkered down at Black Solaris Studios, an old (and possibly haunted) WWII bunker back in Germany, where he produced hip-hop and electronic artists, and had his first foray into film composing with his classical score for the award-winning short Geigensolo.

Kressin somehow found time to record his first album, Cyan (under the name Kirt), and decamped for the sunnier climes of Buenos Aires to release the disc (“I just needed some light again,” he says). During his two-year stay in Argentina he racked up considerable critical praise, spent time touring with an early incarnation of Neon Legion, and co-founded Multicorriente, a collective that functioned as his record label, and as publisher of a monthly cultural magazine.

When restlessness struck again, Kressin set out for what are now his twin bases in North America: New York City and Toronto. “I like to put together a different band in each city,” he says. “Everyone brings their own sound and cultural perspective to the global group that is Neon Legion.”

It took more than a dozen musicians in four countries on three continents to make “Neon Legion”. After working out arrangements with his Argentinian group, Kressin enlisted Priestbird cellist Daniel Bensi in New York, as well as a large cast of Toronto musicians, referred to him by a mutual friend of Broken Social Scene’s Jason Collett, including members of the experimental electronic group Holy Fu*k, The Hidden Cameras and Bahamas. Despite having so many hands on deck, the album maintains an organic feel uncommon in most synth-rock music. This is a result of having recorded primarily live, with Kressin putting aside his admitted “control freak” tendencies and trusting the instincts of his fellow musicians.

Mixed (and partially recorded) at Electric Lady Studios in New York, the album bears the unmistakable sonic stamp of that legendary building’s 40-year history. At the fore is Kressin’s vulnerable tenor, a counterpoint to the often moody, driving rock underneath. He credits Blonde Redhead’s classical harmonies, with “an almost childlike male voice” as a particular inspiration for his vocal style on the record : “Sometimes singing quietly is stronger.”

The album’s 10 songs delve into existential and sometimes political topics—the nature of man, intellect vs. instinct, man vs. the environment—from an omniscient perspective, in an effort to examine the essence of humanity. “Hunt” tackles the Christian denial of the evolution of man (“The day that Christ christened his lies/The humans fell into the trap”), and in “Time to Feed,” Kressin laments the destruction of planet Earth (“It leaves in me a fear so deep, I can’t breathe”) before offering atonement (“Mother, I’ll take care of you like no other son would”). It’s no wonder that when he sings “Maybe we’re all the same” in “Twin,” it seems to be meant with a sense of resignation.

The heavy themes never get in the way of hooks. “Eyes” finely incorporates electronic elements into a pulsing, guitar-driven groove; the insistent synth-pop of “Wicked Men” harkens back to the masters of the craft, Depeche Mode. Like most great records, “Neon Legion” gets plenty weird: “Pornoratorio” explodes with a cascade of tricky time signatures into a dramatic post-glam-rock chorus; the nearly eight-minute “La Revolucion” stomps ahead on an electronic pulse and foreboding synthesizer pattern, like an army of giant knights marching forward.

The analogy is an apt one: Kressin is the descendent of German knights, and he sees it as part of his mission to reemphasize values derived from their code of chivalry. “to refer back to a time when Germany was known for its poets, its thinkers, its innovations in technology and culture” Visually, that goal is emphasized via artist Josh Mongeau.

Several years after he began plotting out the debut album, even Kressin is impressed with how the globe-trotting effort has come together with such a strong sense of cohesion. “That’s part of the idea of Neon Legion,” he says. “It’s like a little army of creativity.”

On a brisk winter evening in New York’s Chinatown, Philip Kressin met Joshua Mongeau and surprisingly discovered a common ground to their individually intuitive work. A striking eclectic marriage of Kressin’s music and Mongeau’s epic imagery has taken shape.

The impressively detailed artwork was created by New York native and illustrious Graphic Designer Josh Mongeau, a dedicated fine artist and creative director, who has worked for an array of prominent clients, i.e. Porsche, Victoria’s Secret, Christina Aguilera, Henri Bendel, the Beijing 2008 Olympics and many more. Mongeau’s multimedia artistic works are large scale paintings and each piece of art was created specifically for the individual tracks. Mongeau’s paintings incorporate epically strong images with subtle twists; complimenting  Kressin’s music in a compelling way.

“He took over the idea of the retro-futuristic,” Kressin says. “He was inspired by the Art Nouveau style of art and impressionism – but also modern elements that are very techy, electronic and modern. It works perfectly together.  It’s total fate that we met.”

Kressin found the final and permanent members of Neon Legion in New York City, all of which have taken on acting roles in their epic music video for the single “Twin”. In the international vain of the band, the permanent members are from the United States, France, Argentina and Germany but are all residents of New York City.

Neon Legion released the record on the 23rd of May 2013. To celebrate the release, Neon Legion performed at New York’s Mercury Lounge and screened the music video for the song “Twin” for the first time. After seven months of dedicated work by New York´s collective of talented artists Dirt Empire, the “Solaris” inspired science fiction master piece finally saw the light of day.

Philip Kressin – Vocals/Synth
James Mullen – Drums
Chloe Caillet – Synth
Juan Cruz Masotta – Guitar